The Manchester Evening News covered The Beatles
from their early North West beginnings.

Its pages carried adverts for local public appearances and 
Beatle merchandise available from local retailers.

Here's one that advertises THE BEATLE JACKET
available from DARREN MILLS in Salford!

The MEN reported on Beatlemania as it erupted out of the
North West and onto the world stage.

Its reporters and photographers providing exclusive
copy to the worlds media to satisfy the hunger for Beatlemania!

We wish to track down those people instrumental in
producing Beatle press for their recollections if anyone can help out there?
What was life was like tracking and capturing Beatlemania as it unfolded
for the Manchester Evening News or any other local newspaper for that matter?!

Please email thebeatlesinmanchester with info
so we can respond with thanks!

Coming soon more on the M.E.N. as we get the information.