ABC CINEMA (Now The Apollo)


 Originally a cinema but converted to a concert hall in the 1960's.

The Beatles played here on three occasions...

20 November 1963

The above was recorded as The Beatles Come To Town
for Pathe News. A popular news reel of the day shown
at the  cinema sandwiched normally between the
'A' and 'B'
movies of the day.

More details to come re The Beatles Come To Town as and when.
14 October 1964


 7 December 1965

A report recorded The Beatles arrival to the above gig as follows:
'On their way from Liverpool to Manchester the Beatles drove
nto a wall of fog which started in the Manchester suburbs
and brought city traffic to an all-but-total standstill.

The fog was quite unexpected for the rest of the North West
had enjoyed a bright, crisp sunny day.
For over four hours driver Alf Bicknell steered
the Princess through Manchester at a snail's pace.
The group arrived at the ABC Ardwick twelve minutes
after they were due on stage. An extra Intermission was
inserted into the show while they changed and
dashed on stage!'

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