The Hippodrome has long been demolished and not to be
confused with the Ardwick Apollo which The Beatles did play
in the 1960's which feature on another page.
The Hippodrome was situated on what is now waste land on the
opposite side of the Apollo off the roundabout which is now
used as a car park on concert nights!

 John, Paul and George performed as Johnny and the Moondogs.

 This was an audition was for an appearance on the Carroll Levis ATV show ‘DISCOVERIES’ - a major show in its day broadcasting across the nation.

 After coming through several heats in Liverpool Johnny and the Moondogs were invited to take part in the finals in Manchester.

With little money between them the three lads managed to arrive at the Ardwick Empire Theatre, Manchester to perform their repertoire on
Sunday 15 November 1959. 

 When they walked onto the stage they were asked where was the drummer?
They replied ‘ The rhythm’s in the guitars!’

 They performed Buddy Holly’s ‘Think It Over’ and ‘Rave On’.

Unfortunately the story goes that the show overran and with no additional funds to return home by train they had to get the last bus home.

The final result escaping them as they were forced to leave early.

 The result was given based on audience applause – the CLAP-O-METER!

 They returned to Liverpool down and despondent although John had something to cheer about. He conveniently relieved someone of their guitar upon his
departure from the theatre! 


Paul McCartney remembers –

“Me, John and George went to Manchester, Ardwick Empire I think it was, where Carroll Levis had the discovery show. He was the Hughie Green of his day.”
“ We’d heard this was on and went under our own steam, by train, and we rehearsed ‘Think It Over’ and ‘Rave On’ by Buddy Holly.
I think it had just come out as a record?”

“John didn’t have a guitar but George and I did. There was just three of us and John would stand in the middle and put his arm round both me and George and kinda look dead casual…he’d sing it and we’d play the guitars.”

“It was our sort of stage act and we did it, ‘Think It Over’ and ‘Wey Hey Hey!’ and so on, only to receive a thank you , thumbs down, goodbye…you won’t be needed.”

“So that was it. We left in a hurry from that place and
as such we nearle always lost talent shows!”


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