The man behind the first set for Top Of The Pops
when launched was Ken Lawson of Didsbury, Manchester. 

This within the converted church that became a BBC TV
studio on Dickinson Road, Rusholme in 1964.

Ken designed the studio set complete with a sixties-style
soft drinks bar for its intended six week run.

However, the show was such a hit it went on and on!

The original producer Johnnie Stewart approached Ken
who came up with the soft drinks bar so weary dancers
could rest their mini-skirted legs.

Then he had to supply rubber stoppers so the girls’
stiletto heals wouldn’t damage the studio floor!

Each week the new charts had to be written by hand in time for broadcast.

This meant Ken and his team working
through the night to be ready for first rehearsals
on day of broadcast.

Ken remembers they were hectic days
and never expected it to take off?!

The music never excited him even though
they had all the stars at the studio.

He recalls “The Beatles were the only ones
we never had in Dickinson Road.
They decided the security wasn’t good enough.

People were worried about girls trying to climb in
through the dressing room windows.

One thing he did remember was the hanging smell of ‘pot’ in the air!

Ken is certainly proud of his original design and 
so are we at so
if you are reading this please get in touch!